Jerry Dolinsky*

Mr. Dolinsky is an Operating Executive in Marlin Operations Group, Inc., focused on conducting operational due diligence and providing operational support to portfolio companies across the software and technology sectors.

Mr. Dolinsky has over 25 years of experience as an executive in the software and technology industries. Previously, Mr. Dolinsky served as CEO of Verisae Inc., an exited Marlin portfolio company and global provider of cloud-based asset and mobile workforce management software solutions.  Prior to joining Verisae, he served as Executive Vice President of Worldwide Field Operations at Retek. During his tenure with Retek, Mr. Dolinsky played an instrumental role in growing annual sales from $10 million to nearly $200 million, which helped lead to a successful IPO and, ultimately, the sale of Retek to Oracle Corporation. Prior thereto, he held key executive management positions at leading technology firms including Tradebeam, NxTrend, Bioplasty and ACA Data. Mr. Dolinsky earned his B.S. in Management Information Systems from Weber State University.

*Members of the Operations Group assist Marlin in its operational due diligence, financing and other transactional support for prospective and consummated transactions and in its post-closing operating and other initiatives for portfolio companies, including manufacturing, sales, marketing, finance, tax, technology, debt and equity financing, legal, real estate/facilities management, human resources, acquisition integration and other services. Operations Group members are either employees of Marlin Operations Group, Inc., an exclusive consulting firm affiliated with Marlin Management Company, LLC, or independent contractors, and are not employees of Marlin Management Company, LLC.