Marlin Equity Partners is a global investment firm with over $3 billion of capital under management. The firm is focused on providing corporate parents, shareholders and other stakeholders with tailored solutions that meet their business and liquidity needs. Marlin primarily invests in businesses that are in the process of undergoing varying degrees of operational, financial or market-driven change where our capital base, industry relationships and extensive network of operational resources will significantly strengthen a company's outlook and enhance value.

Having successfully acquired and managed businesses with revenues in excess of $10 billion, our partners have developed a disciplined investment approach aimed at satisfying sellers' needs in complex or challenging situations where speed and certainty are a priority. Whether a business founder or shareholder is looking to monetize his or her ownership stake, a management group is seeking capital to facilitate a management buyout or a corporate parent is looking to divest a non-core or underperforming asset, Marlin provides sellers with flexible capital and the experience that allows transformation to take hold. Marlin primarily seeks to invest in mature businesses with identifiable revenue streams that are operating through a transitional period, whether driven by industry, sector or company forces. These transitions are typically the result of technological shifts, product evolution, end-market or supply chain pricing pressures, management changes, or industry consolidations, expansions or rationalizations.

Building long-term value is the core of Marlin's investment strategy. Accordingly, Marlin seeks to partner with outstanding management teams to stabilize, strengthen and grow our portfolio companies. In addition to capital, the Marlin team provides a network of strategic resources and relationships that helps management teams weather challenging transitions and recognize long-term value opportunities within their businesses. In cases where growth through acquisition is appropriate, Marlin brings to bear extensive resources to manage the transaction and integration processes.

Since 2005, Marlin has successfully acquired over 90 businesses across a variety of industries. Marlin team members have successfully structured and executed complex extractions from large corporate parents, management buyouts, buy & build strategies, operational & financial restructurings, growth equity investments and public-to-private transactions, among others.

Investment Criteria

Marlin looks to acquire businesses that exhibit one or more of the following characteristics:

  • $20 million to $2 billion in revenue (current profitability not a requirement)
  • Strong management team with track record of success
  • Strong installed customer base with recurring revenue streams
  • Operating in a fragmented industry with opportunities for consolidation
  • Experiencing some form of financial, operational or market-related transition
  • Underutilized or non-core assets
  • Scalable business model
  • Defensible market position with barriers to entry
  • Solid brand equity with established channel relationships and/or significant marketing power

Industry Focus
  • Technology
  • Healthcare
  • Consumer
  • Services
  • Manufacturing
  • Additional Sectors of Interest

Our Principles

Marlin has a long and successful track record of creating value by adhering to a core set of principles that has proven to be the cornerstone of our success.

  • Maintaining sensitivity towards sellers' needs by offering speed, certainty, flexibility and creativity
  • Partnering with management to isolate and execute strategies for long-term value creation
  • Recognizing the need to preserve customer, vendor and employee relationships
  • Creating a fluid and seamless transition of ownership

Approach to Value

Marlin’s investment strategy includes (i) targeting businesses with sustainable revenue and customer bases, (ii) partnering with high quality management teams, (iii) focusing on industries exhibiting change, (iv) determining the optimal capital structure for an investment and (v) participating in strategic decision making with management.

Deal Origination: Marlin actively seeks investment opportunities through prospective management partners, our own research efforts and our existing relationships with corporations, business intermediaries, investment banks, legal and accounting firms and other deal sources. Marlin frequently partners with management teams that we have worked with in prior transactions.

Deal Execution: The Marlin team has developed a refined and disciplined investment approach that gives us the ability to move quickly and efficiently to complete a transaction on whatever timeline may be required by the seller. Marlin also endeavors to accommodate the particular requirements of a seller or its management partners, whether structurally or otherwise. Flexibility is a hallmark of our success.

Partnering with Management: Marlin takes pride in our ability to generate long-term value for all stakeholders by effectively partnering with management teams. With the help of our management partners, Marlin's investment team has a demonstrated track record of successfully building, growing and managing our investments to market leading performance and valuations.

Adding Value: Marlin professionals serve as members of the Board of Directors for each portfolio company to help the business devise a strategy; establish an appropriate capital structure; incentivize management and key employees through bonus and equity plans; identify, structure and negotiate targeted add-on acquisitions; raise equity or debt capital as required; recruit additional management as necessary; and evaluate potential exit opportunities. Through our operational resources, Marlin is capable of extracting businesses from larger organizations and, as we complete strategic add-on acquisitions, successfully integrating those businesses.

Relationships: In addition to our significant capital base, Marlin's relationships with other financing sources run deep. Marlin has access to all forms of senior, second-lien and mezzanine debt capital through our extensive relationships with leading investment banks, commercial banks, hedge funds and other lending sources. Access to the Marlin capital pool and its relationships provides our portfolio companies with maximum flexibility in pursuing their objectives.

Experience: Marlin's investment strategy has been successfully employed in over 90 completed transactions since 2005. Marlin team members have successfully structured and executed complex extractions from large corporate parents, operational turnarounds, financial restructurings, management buyouts, growth equity, traditional leveraged buyouts and industry consolidations, among others. Marlin is proud to offer creative and efficient solutions to meet the needs of the seller.

Transaction Types

Marlin is a leading global investment firm that focuses on transactions where our operational expertise, creativity and flexibility, and deep capital base can provide speed and certainty to sellers in complex situations. Marlin has significant experience with the following types of transactions:

Corporate Divestitures, Carve-Outs and Extractions: Marlin has significant expertise in acquiring non-core or underperforming businesses, divisions or product lines from larger corporate parents. Our recently completed corporate carve-outs include:

Management Buyouts & Recapitalizations: Marlin has a long-standing commitment to partnering with management teams to acquire and/or recapitalize their businesses. Our recent management buyouts and growth equity investments include:

Special Situations: Marlin has significant experience in complex transactions involving various forms of distress. Marlin has structured “win-win” solutions for stakeholders in special situations, including:

  • Bankruptcies
  • Out of Court Restructurings
  • Operational Turnarounds

Examples of Marlin's successful turnarounds include:

Public-To-Privates: Marlin has been an active investor in public-to-private transactions across a variety of geographies and industry verticals. Our recent public-to-private transactions include: