Marlin completes the acquisition of Inkling Systems

LOS ANGELES, February 13, 2018 – Marlin Equity Partners (“Marlin”) is pleased to announce that it has acquired Inkling Systems, Inc. (“Inkling”), a leading enterprise software platform for field workforce operations management.  Inkling’s multi-tenant, single instance SaaS offering, Inkling Knowledge, is a category-defining smart content system that helps businesses onboard employees, deploy standard operating procedures and launch new products across a range of industry segments. Its newest product, Inkling Collaboration, combines communications, task management and data analytics into a unified platform that enables retailers and franchisors to better manage, monitor and gain visibility into field performance across their fleet of locations.

“Improving the work lives of field workforces, especially those underserved by information technology, is our passion,” said Matt MacInnis, Inkling’s Founder and CEO. “We are excited to partner with Marlin and stand to benefit from their domain expertise and operational best practices as we look to continue to achieve our ambitious growth plan.”

“Inkling’s products harness the power of mobile devices to modernize field communications, and as the number of deskless workers continues to rise, the need for content to be delivered efficiently becomes critical,” said Jonah Sulak, a managing director at Marlin. “We’re committed to supporting the company’s talented management team and further accelerating growth through a focused expansion within key target verticals.”

About Marlin Equity Partners

Marlin Equity Partners is a global investment firm with over $6.7 billion of capital under management.  The firm is focused on providing corporate parents, shareholders and other stakeholders with tailored solutions that meet their business and liquidity needs. Marlin invests in businesses across multiple industries where its capital base, industry relationships and extensive network of operational resources significantly strengthens a company’s outlook and enhances value.  Since its inception, Marlin, through its group of funds and related companies, has successfully completed over 120 acquisitions. The firm is headquartered in Los Angeles, California with an additional office in London.  For more information, please visit

About Inkling Systems

Inkling Systems is a leading enterprise software platform for field operations management that helps customers drive superior operating performance. As more businesses put mobile devices in the hands of their field teams, the company’s mission is to transform and improve the way field teams operate. With two complementary products that allow end-to-end delivery of both content and tasks, Inkling’s platform drives increased success in the field while providing new levels of visibility into critical operating metrics. Founded in 2009, Inkling is based in San Francisco, California. For more information, visit

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