Marlin portfolio company XKO acquires CMS

LOS ANGELES, March 22, 2007 – Marlin Equity Partners is pleased to announce the acquisition of CMS Software, Inc., a leading provider of enterprise resource planning (ERP) and supply chain management (SCM) software to small and medium- sized manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers in the US, Canada and Asia. The acquisition of CMS Software, combined with Marlin’s existing portfolio company, XKO Software, provides Marlin with a global presence in the ERP and SCM software markets. The combined business has revenue in excess of $50 million, employs over 300 professionals and serves 1,400 customers from offices in Europe, North America and Asia.

“We are extremely excited about this partnership with CMS Software,” said Shawn McMorran, Chief Executive Officer of the combined business. “With Marlin’s financial backing and expertise in ERP software, we are well-positioned for future growth and look forward to many years of continued success. The strong partnership between the XKO and CMS management teams and Marlin Equity creates a unique opportunity to drive growth both through organic initiatives as well as through acquisition.”

Rudy Joss of CMS Software, who will chair the combined board, adds, “Both companies share a strong commitment to customer relationships, which has been the foundation for our past success. This partnership will broaden our worldwide sales and services presence, as well as open numerous cross-selling opportunities for our existing blue-chip customer base.”

“We are committed to actively support the company’s growth initiatives going forward and are excited to welcome CMS Software to our family of software companies,” stated Nick Kaiser, a Principal with Marlin Equity Partners.

About Marlin Equity Partners
Marlin Equity Partners is a Los Angeles, California-based private investment firm focused on providing corporate parents, shareholders and other stakeholders with tailored solutions that meet their business and liquidity needs in special situations. Marlin invests in businesses across multiple industries that are in the process of undergoing varying degrees of operational, financial or market-driven change where our capital base, industry relationships and extensive network of operational resources will significantly strengthen a company’s outlook and enhance value. Marlin Equity Partners has successfully completed the acquisition of five software businesses – Intuitive Manufacturing Systems, Relevant Business Systems, SupplyWorks, XKO Software and CMS Software.

About CMS Software
CMS Software, Inc. is a leading provider of ERP software and Supply Chain Management software solutions to manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers operating in supply-chain intensive environments. Founded in 1986, CMS has offices in the US, Canada and Asia, employs over 110 professionals and serves over 50,000 users. Its customers include manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers in a wide range of industries, including consumer packaged goods, automotive parts, food processing, and electronic components.

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